Sine Rule – Ambiguous Case – Example

ExampleBy taking into consideration the ambiguous case. Solve ∆ABC such that c = 6cm, a = 5cm and ∠A = 40°Answer:Step 1: To prove whether this is an ambiguous case/non-ambiguous case[begin{gathered}sin {40^o} = frac{y}{6} hfill \y = 6sin {40^o} hfill \y = 3.857cm hfill \end{gathered} ]y < a < cTherefore, this is an ambiguous case. … Read moreSine Rule – Ambiguous Case – Example

SPM Form 5 Additional Mathematics

Download our free App. 01 Progression  Formula (PDF Copy) Arithmetic Progression Characteristics of arithmetic progressions The nth term of an arithmetic progression Example 1 – 4 Sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic progressions  SPM Focus Practice – Arithmetic Progression (Paper 1) Download PDF Copy – Without Answer Space Download PDF Copy – … Read moreSPM Form 5 Additional Mathematics